Alexander the Great and Diogenes

First of all, he is a very famous philosopher who lived between BC 412 and BC 323. He denied civilization although he lived among people. Diogenes of Sinope rejected traditional values such as religion, behavior, clothing, shelter, food and dressage. Diogenes born in Sinop which located at north city of Minor Asia as well as beside the Black Sea. Although he exiled to Greece with his father. He spent most of his life with a dog at streets of Corinth as well as he usually slept in a barrel. Diogenes was speaking fluently and inspiring people about life experience which is suitable with nature. He was living an interesting life which shows that a human being can be happy in the worst conditions of world.

Once upon a time, Alexander the Great visited him in Corinth where is a city of Greece.

Alexander the Great: “Do you wish anyhing?”

Diogenes pointed to the sun at that moment and give an universal answer.

Diogenes: “Do not obstacle me what you cannot give me!”

Lifestyle of Diogenes

True virtue is that one is dominated by himself, and is saved from his dependence on his passions and other people. He had a bowl however he saw a child who drinks water with his own hands and he threw his bowl after that. In the meantime, Diogenes of Sinope said, “This kid taught me that I have an extra belongings.”

According to an other story, he was walking in the streets of city with a lantern on daylight. Therefore, people was curious about his behaviors.

People asked about what he was searching. Diogenes of Sinope replied as he was looking for the man!

“I did not see any person who was insulted due to his strangeness, but I saw many people hang because of theft.”

We have two ears and a tongue; For to listen much and to talk less.

Public asked Diogenes how he understood how smart a man is.
The answer was short: “From his speaking.”
People asked one more question: “What if the man never speaks?”
This time the response of diogenes is as follows: “There is no one so smart yet in the world.”

“What is the best thing on world?” “Liberty.”

A proud man said to him that he would not let a miserable man to walk in the narrow street. Diogenes of Sinope replied that he would let.

A man asked Diogenes when to eat. Sinope Diogenes said that you may eat whenever you want if you are rich. On the other hand, you can eat when you get an opportunity if you are poor.

“I’m not crazy, just my head works differently than yours.”

People asked “Where you are from?” He answered as “I am the citizen of world.”

Importance of Education

Youngsters’ education is the foundation of state,” the word belongs to him.

“Why shouldn’t the teacher be whipped up when a student behaves badly?”

People asked which advantages does an educated person have according to an uneducated person. Diogenes of Sinope replied as “The difference between alive and dead man”.

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