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First of all, happiest people of Türkiye live in Sinop. Why are these people so happy? As you know, Diogenes born at this city and he has been known as Diogenes of Sinop. Have you ever wondered about lifestyle of Diogenes? He proved that a human could be the happiest as having the least things. For instance, he was living in a barrel and he had a dog as a friend. The statue of Diogenes located at the entrance of city. By the way, you can also visit the archaeology museum as well as ethnography museum in city center.

You can reach to Sinop by ship or airline. You can come to here by a car in eight hours. Meanwhile, you will notice that there isn’t any traffic lights, either. You can spend splendid time at any weekend on summer. As a sample, waterfalls of Erfelek is the most famous one among other locations. In addition, the harbour of Sinop is the unique port of Black Sea which is not artificial. Furthermore, the town of Gerze is one of cittalow cities. You can also take a stroll in the cave of İnaltı. In conclusion, you will admire waterfalls, castles and lifestyle of Diogenes of Sinope.

Waterfalls of Erfelek

First of all, you must arrange just one day for view most of waterfalls of Tatlıca in Sinop. There are 28 waterfalls although you can sight them as a result of taking a stroll in the forest and beside river. Meanwhile, you will drive about thirty kilometers for sight waterfalls at Erfelek town of Sinop. The most noteworthy, you will love the sounds of birds and water.

The Castle of Sinop

As you know, construction date of many castles doesn’t known exactly. However, it is estimated that the castle was built in BC 7th century. The most noteworthy, you can climb to top of the castle and view panorama while drinking something at cafe. By the way, you can also visit the castle of Boyabat which built on high rocky mountain.

Historical Prison of the Sinop

You will sight an awful structure where moisty is high due to its location. In addition, three side of prison surrounded by water of Black Sea. By the way, some movies and TV Series had been casted at here. In conclusion, you will visit a museum.

Hamsilos Bay

This is the unique fiord of Türkiye just as Sinop’s harbour is the unique natural one of Black Sea. You will also admire the beauty of nature. In addition, you should also sight the lighthouse of İnceburun which is near to Akliman and Hamsilos Bay. İnceburun Lighthouse built in 1863. By the way, waves of Black Sea is so hard.

The Lake of Akgöl

You should go to the Ayancık town for view this artificial lake. You may also see animals of wild life. In addition, the cave of İnaltı is about forty kilometers far to the town of Ayancık. The length of cave is approximately seven hundred meters.


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