Attraction Points of Sinop

There are dozens of destinations that you can visit in a weekend. For instance, Sarıkum Nature Park is at the 17th kilometer of İstanbul way. In addition, the bay of Hamsilos is the unique fiord of Türkiye and it is about eleven kilometers far to city center of Sinop. Furthermore, Akliman harbour and İnceburun lighthouse other popular destinations of Sinop as well as they are about twenty kilometers far to Sinop city center. By the way, Karakum beach is the best choice for swimming in Black Sea.

Can you imagine any city which hasn’t any traffic lights? You can reach to the castle of Sinop by walking or public transportation. Archaeology Museum is also at the city center of Sinop.The mansion of Aslan Torun serve as a ethnography museum nowadays. You can also reach to the historical prison of Sinop by walking or public transportation. Moisty of prison is so much high and its three sides surrounded by Black Sea. You can also sight the mosque of Alaeddin while taking a stroll at city center. By the way, the mesjid of Saray serve as a mosque, nowadays. You can reach to the church of Balatlar by public transportation in city center of Sinop.

Waterfalls of Çatak

You should go to the town of Türkeli for view the beauty of waterfalls. You should take a stroll in the Çatak canyon.

The Cave of İnaltı

You will drive about thirty five kilometers more from Ayancık town of Sinop. You can take a stroll just at half of İnaltı cave due to mud and water. In fact, the length of cave is seven hundred meters. In addition, you can go to the lake Akgöl if you want rest in peace. By the way, the church of Ayancık constructed in 1885 and it is at town center of Ayancık.

Erfelek Tatlıca Waterfalls

First of all, Tatlıca Waterfalls is about ten kilometers far to Erfelek town of Sinop. There are twenty eight waterfalls in a two kilometers length valley. The most noteworthy, you will sight the unique beauty on world which flows as a serie sequence.

The Town of Durağan

You will visit a splendid place which located in the valley of Gökırmak. By the way, Durağan town is about 111 kilometers far to city center of Sinop. You may visit the mosque of İsmail Bey and the khan of Durak. Both of them constructed with Seljukid art style in 13th century. In addition, the cave of Buzluk is about ten kilometers far to Durağan town. You will also feel the cool and fresh air in Buzluk cave. In addition, Terelek rock tombs are at the village of Kemerbahçe. You will also notice an embossment about fight of the man and lion.

The Castle of Boyabat

You will sight a historical castle which stands on a rocky field. In addition, we offer to take a stroll at Bazalt reef as well as you will admire beauty of the waterfall. Meanwhile, you will drive about fifteen kilometers more from Boyabat town to Kurusaray village. Furthermore, there are three valleys which are not far to each other.



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