History of Sinop

Findings in ancient sites related to human life indicate about three thousand years ago. In addition, Sinuwa was an important city at period of Hittite State. By the way, Diogenes of Sinope exiled to Conith and Alexander the Great visited him in there. As you know, army of Great Seljukids defeated the army of Roman Empire at battle of Manzikert in 1071. Various tribes of Turkish nation began to migrate from Middle Asia to Minor Asia after that. As you know, millions of Turks still live between Lake Hazar and the Great Wall of China. Meanwhile, Anatolian Seljukid State conquered the city of Sinop via the commander Karatekin in 1085. However, the governance of Sinop changed frequently among Roman Empire and other Turk states in next centuries. In conclusion, you will sight many historical structures such as castles, caves, rock tombs, mosques, madrasas, etc…

The Rock Tombs of Salar Village

You should drive about fifteen kilometers more from the town of Boyabat to the village of Salar. You will admire the figures of animals at the rock tomb which carved in BC 7th century. By the way, you will notice the great castle of Boyabat on the way.

The Caravanserai of Durak

You should go to the town of Durağan for view the khan which built in 1246 at period of Anatolian Seljukid State. As you know, Seljukid States constructed so many structures such as caravanserais, madrasas, mosques, etc… In addition, the cave of Buzluk is about ten kilometers far to the town of Durağan if you would like to fresh yourself. Furthermore, you can also visit Ambarkaya tombs which carved inside of rocks in BC 7th century. By the way, you will admire the view of panorama at here. Due to Ambarkaya rock tombs located near to rivers, public prefer to spend time there.

The Mosque of Alaaddin

You will sight an extraordinary structure of Seljukid architecture that built in 13th century. The mihrab has ornaments at Seljukid art style. In fact, the minbar of mosque had ornaments. However it was demolished as a result of dome collapse in 1853 as well as pieces of minbar carried to Tiled Mansion which is beside the Topkapı Palace. By the way, you will see a wooden minbar which made in 19th century.

The Madrasa of Pervane

Anatolian Seljukied State lastly survived the city of Sinop in 1262. Seljukid vizier Süleyman Pervane constructed the madrasah as a memory of Sinop’s liberation. The entrance of historical structure has a marble entrance gate.

The Mosque of Algerian Ali Pasha

The construction date doesn’t known exactly however Algerian Ali Pasha restored the mosque in 1866.

The Mansion of Yakupağa

You will sight a great historical structure which built in 1911. Yakupağa was a very rich man who was making trade of timber among ports of Black Sea. The most noteworthy, you will admire the adornments of the Yakupağa mansion. You can also see similar small mansions in Beypazarı and Safranbolu. You should visit the town of Gerze which is also famous as one of cittalow cities in Türkiye.


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