Popular Destinations of Sinop

You will visit a small city which hasn’t any traffic lights as well as survive in peace. As you know, Diogenes of Sinope born in here and exiled to Conith. In addition, Alexander the Great had splendid respect to scholars hence the emperor also visited him in Conith. Meanwhile, you will also sight the statue of Diogenes at entrance of city.

Castle of Sinop

In fact, the castle was built about four milleniums ago. Dozens of states used the castle for their safety such as Roman Empire, Anatolian Seljukid State and Ottoman Empire. The thickness of walls is about three meters so soldiers could move easily and fastly. You can also climb to walls of castle for view the panorama of city and Black Sea as well as you may drink something at cafe.

The Inner Castle

The historical prison is the most famous attraction point which located at the inner castle of Sinop. The inner castle served as a prison during centuries however it has been serving officially since 1887. By the way, the hammam was also built at that term. Once upon a time, it was almost impossible to escape from here because the prison is surrounded by the Black Sea on three sides. Prisoners were dying after a while due to highness of the moisty. Meanwhile, dozens of famous writers, philosophers, singers imprisoned at here in 20th century. In conclusion, you will visit a museum which was an awful place for prisoners till 1997.

Erfelek Tatlıca Waterfalls

Erfelek is the most famous town due to Tatlıca waterfalls. Have you ever wondered the exploration of this beauty? Workers discovered the waterfalls of Tatlıca as a coincidence while the project continues for the construction of the Erfelek dam in 1997. The most noteworthy, you will take a stroll in the forest while seeing twenty eight waterfalls.

The Town of Ayancık

There are a few destinations for spending time at this town. The cave of İnaltı is the most famous one and the lake of Akgöl is the seond one. You should drive to the village of İnaltı as well as you will walk for a while. İnaltı cave is about thirty five kilometers far to Ayancık town. In addition, Akgöl lake is about six kilometers far to the cave of İnaltı. Furthermore, you can also take a stroll in the valley of Babaçay which is about seventeen kilometers far to Ayancık town. The most noteworthy, you will reach to the cave of İnaltı as a result of walking in the Babaçay canyon. By the way, you can also sight the church at the town center of Ayancık. Furthermore, Sarıkum Nature Park located at the middle of Ayancık and Sinop hence you can also give a break at here.

İnceburun Lighthouse

You will go to the northest point of Türkiye for sight the lighthouse of İnceburun. This structure built in 1863 and it has twelve meters height. Visitors prefer to take photos and spend time by watching Black Sea as well as sunrise and sunset. In addition, you can go to the bay of Hamsilos for to take a stroll in nature and accommodation.


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