Gümüşler Monastery

Gümüşler monastery is located 10km away from Niğde city center and 40km away from Derinkuyu. People carved the huge rock during VIII-XII centuries and they built Gümüşler monastery.

This monastery distinguishes from other ones :

I-         There is a smiling fresco of Virgin Mary and she also keeps child Jesus .

II-        There are frescos of 12 apostles of Jesus Christ and frescos of preachers who lived in the region.

III-      There are drawings of animals, barn and hunt scenes which are unique to Cappadocia.

Fresco of Virgin Mary is unique on Earth because other ones describes her in the same style. You should come to Gümüşler Monastery as a part of Cappadocia tour because of genuine fresco of Virgin Mary. you will see drawings of animals, barn and hunt scenes which are unique to Cappadocia too.

There are many monasteries in Cappadocia region but the church of monastery differs from other ones. The length of monastery from East to South is 1500 m. Front side of rock was used for daily life. You will pass through a long tunnel whose length is 9 m. By the way shape of courtyard is square and height of walls is 14 m. In addition there is a room upstairs and there are frescos about Aesop stories.



Antique City Ruins on Göllüdağ Mountain 

Kömürcü village is 60 km away from Niğde and you will use paths to reach summit of mountain. By the way the height of mountain is 2172m and there is a volcanically crater lake on the summit of mountain. In addition Tabal was an antique city in 8th century BC. People of Tabal were trading obsidian mine. Obsidian is a natural glass produced by prehistoric communities.

It will be hard reaching the top of the mountain but you will be glad. You will see a crater lake, an antique city and the perfect geography of area till Erciyes mountain.







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