First of all, Islamic states named the town as Zengibar or Karahisar. The Zengibar castle constructed in 6th century AD. Seljukid State and Ottoman Empire used the castle for a long term. The castle of Zengibar was an important location till 18th century. However you can see just only some ruins of the castle nowadays.

Yeşilhisar is approximately 65 kilometers far to Kayseri city center. The history of Yeşilhisar is very old. Alexander the Great conquered the town in BC 350. Roman Empire began to govern the town after BC 317. Once upon a time there were eight great cities at period of Cappadocia Kingdom. Probably Cybistra or Siyiera was ancient name of Yeşilhisar town at that period. Different kingdoms governed the town till 20 AD. Roman Empire administrated for a long time after 20 AD and name of town converted into Kuvistra. Governors of Roman Empire wasn’t polite to Christian public of Kuvistra till declaration of Milano in 313 that let people worship freely.

Commander Battal was governing the Islamic army as well as they conquered the town in 672. The administration of town changed among different kingdoms till the Seljukid State conquered the town in 1114.

There are three historical mosques. The great mosque of town built in 1348 just before the governance of Ottoman Empire. The mosque of Idris constructed in 1725. The mosque of Hamzapaşa built in 18th century. We also offer to visit the Turkish bath that built by Seljukid State.

The Valley of Soğanlı

The village of Soğanlı is an open-air museum like as many locations of Cappadocia. The valley of Soğanlı is about 17 kilometers far to Yeşilhisar town center. Tourist groups prefer to visit the ruins of Soğanlı while they drive from Derinkuyu to Sinasos. Soğanlı is approximately 30 kilometers far to both of Sinasos or Derinkuyu.  You can see endemic kind of plants at valley of Soğanlı which means that some kind of plants can survive just only at here. Human beings have been living since the period of Roman Empire at the village of Soğanlı. You will see many caves and churches at the village. You can see eight of these churches which are visit able. The domed church carved in a fairy chimney and it is unique on world. You will also notice hand-made babes of Soğanlı. You can also see fairy chimneys at the valley.

The Underground City of Doğanlı

First of all, you must drive approximately 20 kilometers more for Doğanlı village from town center of Yeşilhisar. The most noteworthy Doğanlı underground city is a huge place.

The Village of Keşlik

You may visit the underground city and caves of Keşlik. The village is located at a high hill as well as rocks are carved for use of home and church. Keşlik village is about 5 kilometers far to Yeşilhisar.


The curative water of İçmeceler is very famous. You will drive about 8 kilometers more from Yeşilhisar. You can accommodate cheaply, too.

The Valley of Erdemli

You will see ruins of an ancient site that carved in rocks. Visitors take a stroll at the valley of village for caves and churches that served approximately 1000 years ago. You will notice the sign of village just before the entrance of Yeşilhisar.

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