How can you reach Soğanlı Valley ?

You can reach Soğanlı Valley from Sinasos. After you depart from Ürgüp you will go along 47 km and you will reach Soğanlı valley. On the way you will pass Sinanos and 3 villages which have churches. One of them is Keşlik monastery which is in Cemil village. You will see a Seljukid style mosque at Taskınpaşa village. You should not miss the chance to see the genuine middle age village named Ayvalı whose pattern is protected for centuries.


After visiting Derinkuyu Underground city, you can reach Soğanlı ruins in 30 minutes. Canyon of Soğanlı village is of 25 km length. Soğanlı ruins distinguish from other Cappadocia museums with its church carved inside a capped-rock. Its acustic performance is so wonderful that location of sound cannot be found. There are also frescos like other churches of Cappadocia. Churches of Soğanlı  started to be carved in the 4th century. There are two floors in the church. There  isn’t any church like this one which has a carved, painted and dressed dome. 8 churches of Valley are open to public.

There are also fairy chimneys in the valley.

Moreover, hand-made cloth babies are very popular all around the world and people call them “soğanlı cloth baby”.

Additionally, there is a canyon between Soğanlı and Güzelöz villages. This valley is popular among natural walkers. Length of canyon is approximately 10 km .

On the other hand Keşlik ruins are in a village of Yeşilhisar county and less tourist visit this village. There is a very long tunnel inside the caves. People lived and worshiped in these caves located in all villages of Cappadocia.


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