The Mosque of Yalı

You will notice a small mosque which isn’t far to the Clock Tower and the bazaar of Kemeraltı. The plan of the mosque is octagonal as well as tiles are splendid. This is an adorable mosque at the square of Konak. The mosque of Konak was built in 18th century.

The Square of Konak

As you know, Clock Tower of Izmir is the symbol of Smyrna more than a century. In fact, you will see fountains at walls of the clock tower. You may spend a few hours at popular locations of Konak by walking.

The Port of Pasaport

This is the best location for view sunset at town of Konak. The building constructed in last decades of 19th century. Ferries still take passengers from this port. Once upon a time, this was known as “debarcadere et bureau passeports“. You’ll love the beautiful breeze. Cafes of Pasaport Port is popular among public of İzmir. People prefer walking along the Aegean Sea.

Agora of Smyrna

You should go to the town of Namazgah for view the ancient site. Once upon a time, governance of city was at here. Alexander the Great reached to Minor Asia by passing Hellespont. Alexander the Great was hunting on hill of Pagos which is known as Kadifekale nowadays. He slept near the temple and he dreamt. Alexander the Great established the city of Smyrna as a result of his dream. In conclusion, the city of Smyrna established 2300 years ago at north of Kadifekale. The city demolished as a result of an earthquake in 178 AD. In addition, you will see fountains and two water channels which is still fine. You can also take a stroll among basilicas.

By the way, Museum Pass Card is valid or you may pass about 3$ for entrance to open air museum.

Konak Pier

The construction was built in 19th century. You will see many shops, cafes and restaurants. This is a wonderful place for spending time at seaside. You will also admire the panorama view from here.

The Archaeological Museum of İzmir

You will see many historical relics as well as Hellenistic civilization and Roman Empire. You will see statues, coins, etc.. Treasure collection is the most popular section.

You can go to the museum by walking from the square of Konak. By the way, Museum Pass Card is valid. You can also visit the Agora Ancient Site.

You can also visit the ethnography museum of İzmir which is located beside the archaeological museum.

The Street of Havra

You will many synagogues on this street. We offer to visit here. Tolerance and peace is the most important values of İzmir. In addition, you will notice mosques, churches and synagogues which aren’t far to each other.

The Historical Lift

You should visit this place for amazing panorama of Izmir and Aegean Sea. The construction built in 1907. Public prefer to spend time in one of cafes or restaurants at historical elevator of İzmir. You can also sight historical houses of Smyrna which isn’t far to here.






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