Splendid Places

As you know, İzmir is an Aegean city whose climate is well enough for a wonderful life. You can visit both of ancient sites and beautiful places at seaside which aren’t much far to each other. Furtermore, you should plan your vacation by adding waterfalls, hot thermal waters, museums, synagogues, churches, mosques, etc…

Ancient Sites of Smyrna

There are dozens of ancient settlements which established before Smyrna. As you know, Alexander the Great dreamt about a new city at Kadifekale and then he ordered to establish the city. In addition, he named the city as Smyrna in BC 334. Furthermore, you should arrange a month just for ancient sites of İzmir.

The Ancient Site of Allianoi 

You should go to the town of Bergama for view ruins. Once upon a time, Allianoi was a health care center. Furthermore, thermal hot waters was a specification of Allianoi ancient site.

The Plateu of Gölcük

You should drive about 130 kilometers from İzmir for reach to this place. You will admire the beauty of lake and nature.

The Ancient Site of Pytane

The location of Pytane is between Aliağa and Bergama. You will see ruins of the ancient site.

The Peninsula of Karaburun

You will see beautiful beaches as well as you will spend nice time. You will also feel the peace while swimming. In addition, you can sight ruins of ancient sites.

The Waterfall of Nebiler

First of all, you will go to the village of Nebiler which isn’t far to Dikili. You can also spend time at thermal hot waters of Nebiler village.

Bozdağ Ski Center

You can’t see snow at city center of İzmir on ordinary seasons. The amount of hotels is enough if you want to accommodate at Mount of Bozadağ. By the way, the road of mountain isn’t fine.

The Cave of Seven Sleepers

Once upon a time, seven young friends were believing Allah and Jesus Christ. They escaped to a cave with their dog and then they fall asleep while they were resting. They woke up after a few centuries. Public noticed that these young people are not from that town. People of town told about strangers who were trying to buy something by very old coins. In conclusion, governor wished to meet with these young people. In fact, they slept during 300 years. “Ashab-ı Kehf” is the nickname of these young people among Muslims. The dog of Ashab-ı Keyf named as “kıtmir” and it will also wait at entrance gate of hevaen.

Tarsus is the best known location of Ashab-ı Keyf. Afşin is the other destination of seven sleepers’ cave. However, the cave of Ashab-ı Keyf can be at one of these locations which has a long rock where they laid as well as water which streams inside of the cave. As a result, the cave of seven sleepers isn’t far to the house of Virgin Mary.

The Peninsula of Çeşme

Alaçatı is the best location for wind surfing. Air circulation is perfect. The beach of Ilıca is splendid cause of thermal hot waters which boils in the sea. You will feel yourself as if swimming at thermal pool due to extraordinary heat of sea.





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