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As you know, Smyrna is one of the oldest cities on world. Furthermore, the most of ancient sites established before the period of Hellenistic Empire. You can sight hundreds of them while taking a stroll at Anatolia. You will also see synagogues, churches and mosques which were built at period of Ottoman Empire, Seljukid States and Roman Empire.

Alexander the Great established the city of Smyrna in BC 3rd century. Once upon a time, Hellenistic Empire prepared an army and they marched from Macedonia till Mesopotamia. However, Alexander the Great died at Babylon which is a city of Mesopotamia. Most of Hellen commanders established new states instead of Helllenistic Empire.

The Castle of Kadifekale

The castle of Kadifekale was built in BC 334 at governance of Alexander the Great. The location of Kadifekale is the best place for view the city of Smyrna.

The Church of Saint Polycarp

First of all, this great construction was built for honor of Saint Polycarp in 1625 at period of Ottoman Empire. The governance burnt him tyrannically cause of his belief upon Christ Jesus in 155 at period of Roman Empire. The most noteworthy, you will see splendid frescos about the life of Saint Polycarp.

The Avenue of Architecture Kemalettin

You should visit this place if you are curious in fashion. You will notice many shops. Public especially prefer to make shopping at these stores before wedding.

The Hotel of Yeni Şükran

You will notice the oldest hotel of İzmir while you pass in the bazaar of Kemeraltı. Most of celebrities accommodated at this hotel. By the way, you can be the guest of Yeni Şükran hotel.

The Khan of Kızlarağası

The most noteworthy, you will see a fine sample of Ottoman architecture which built in 1743. In addition, you should visit the khan for make shopping at souvenir shops or buy gift products as well as spending time at one of cafes.

The Khan of Abacıoğlu

First of all, there are 18 stores which serve as cafe, restaurant and shops which sell different products. The architecture of khan is splendid as well as Ottoman Empire built it in 18th century.

The Mosque of Kestanepazarı

The architecture of mosque is fine. You can reach to the mosque by walking from the bazaar of Kemeraltı. The mosque of Kestanepazarı was built in 1663. You will also see shops and stores which isn’t a tradition at mosques of Türkiye.

The Mosque of Başdurak

In fact, the mosque built for honor of Hacı Hüseyin. Ornaments of mosque are beautiful. The mosque is also at the beside of Kemeraltı Bazaar. We offer to visit for view inner decorations of the mosque.

The Bazaar of Kemeraltı

There are more than fifteen thousand of stores where you can buy products such as carpets, rugs, souveniers, gift products, etc…

The Square of Ali Pasha

The most noteworthy, you will notice a fountain which has an octagonal plan. You will see many shops surround the fountain. You can go to the square of Ali Pasha by walking from the Clock Tower.





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