This land served as a rest place to Ottoman sultans while they wished to hunt at grove. Constructions of Maslak grove rebuilt in 1868. Sultan Abdulhamid II accommodated at Maslak Mansions during 8 years till he throne. There are four constructions at same land. Kasr-ı Hümayun (Imperial Kiosk), Mabeyn-i Hümayun (Imperial Court) and Limonluk (Lemon Mansion), Çadır Kiosk and Paşa Dairesi (General’s Apartment) survived until today. Most noteworthy you will admire the Cadır Kiosk which is a fancy two story structure in the shape of an octagon. In fact Lemon Mansion is a green house. Family members of Ottoman sultans lived at these mansions till 1924. Maslak mansions served as a hospital for a while.

Maslak mansions located between Istinye and Tarabya. The land serve as a museum since 1986 and you will also notice a cafeteria which was a pavilion once upon a time. You can also go to the pavilion by bus or metro. Furthermore you may visit between 09:00 and 17:00 hours daily except Monday and Thursday. You will also pay 1,5$ as an entrance fee. Woodland of pavilion is gorgeous.


The pavilion constructed in 1643 and many restorations done till today.  Boats of Sultans were at here. Sultans were walking from Topkapı Palace to Sepetçiler Mansion port before sailing. The mansion located at Seraglio Point and you may reach to the pavilion by walking from Galata Bridge or Eminönü Square. Sepetçiler Mansion serve as an office for an association. Weddings, conferences and meetings may also organized. It is impossible to not notice the mansion while viewing the Topkapı Palace or Seraglio point.



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