An Overall Look at Historical Heritages

Topkapı Palace

Firstly, the Ottoman palace called Topkapı Palace, it has a wonderful panorama from the bottom to the top. It was used as a management center of Ottoman Empire almost for four centuries. Most probably, you will spend more than 3 hours so you had better come before noon. If you buy a museum card which is valid for many museums over the country, you will wait less at queues


Hagia Sophia Museum

You will notice the great architecture of Hagia Sophia. Frescos are still fine. You will feel the ambiance better on the second floor. Be careful and not to be quick, don’t hurry, walk slowly and glance at everything carefully. You will complete the tour less than 2 hours.

Basilica Cistern

A perfect design for water supply to the palace of East Roman Empire. The cistern is completed with seven thousand slaves’ hard work in many years. It may be good to rest inside for a while because it is so nice to listen the silence and to watch fish. It is a high probabilty that you will stay for an hour.

Archeological Museum of Istanbul

Do you like museum exhibitions? You will see many unique pieces collected in many years. History of Istanbul and world is exhibited here.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque

This mosque was built with cooperation of the Sultan, Pashas, army and public. Everybody admire Blue Mosque cause of many points. Half an hour will be enough for non-muslims.


Once upon a time Sultan Ahmet square was used as a hippodrome where racers rode horses. Races started in the 4th century. Not only was here an entertainment place but also public could tell their problems to king as a crowd. When come to races again, there were 2 teams; green and blue ones. Blue ones(venetoi) were wearing blue cloth and elite people were supporting them. Green ones (prasinoi) were wearing green cloth and the poor were supporting them. Unfortuanately, just only a few parts of hippodrome remains today.


Also, you will see Egypt Obelisk, The Serpent column, Bonded column, Million stone, German fountain, Turkish and Islamic arts museum, Arasta bazaar, Mosaic museum,etc.


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