Magestic Palaces

Many important constructions were built in the Ottoman period. Some of them were eroded or destroyed by fires, earthquakes or rebellions.

Here are some of those palaces of Ottoman Empire

  • Adile Sultan Palace

This palace was built in 1856. This building has served as a high school since 1916. It was burnt in 1986 and then restored in 2007. Now it serves as a home for conventions, weddings and so forth.

  • Beylerbeyi Palace

This was built in 1865. The palace restored in 1909 and now is a museum.

  • Dolmabahçe Palace

The palace was built in 1856. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died in Dolmabahçe Palace in 1938. This place served as a museum since 1984. You should visit Dolmabahçe Palace if you want to see a glorious construction.

  • Edirne Palace

This palace was built in 1450s. This palace was the second greatest of all Ottoman palaces. During the war against Russia, the governor ordered to burn a huge armor store in case Russins capture it. Just then, the palace cought fire and burnt competely. The fire continued for 3 days.

  • Çırağan Palace

The palace was built in 1867. Çırağan Palace burnt in 1910 and a new construction built at the same place in 1997. Çırağan Palace hotel used for weddings and accommodation nowadays.

  • İbrahim Pasha Palace

Novadays, this palace has served as a museum. Turkish and Islamic relics museum is here. It is near Sultan Ahmet square.

  • İshak Pasha Palace

This palace built in 1784. This palace was built at the eastern edge of Anatolia. It is famous for its magnificient craftmanship and heating system.

  • Topkapı Palace

This palace is the famous palace since 1478. Sultan accommodated at a palace in Bayezid for a while after the conquest of Istanbul. Viziers offered to build a new palace and then sultan chode the location of Topkapı Palace. Here had been the place of Byzantion palace before Roman Empire occupied Byzantium.

  • Yıldız Palace

This palace was built in 1800. There are so many contructions at this area. Sultans governed the state at the last decades of empire.

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