This is the first naval museum of Türkiye which established at Kasımpaşa town in 1897. All artifacts transported to here in 1961. There are twenty thousand of pieces at Istanbul Naval Museum. You will see many boats, miniature model boats, some pieces of antique Golden Horn chains,  paintings, maps, flags, etc… Many pieces are rare on world. You will also notice the statue of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha and tomb of him. Most noteworthy you will see the oldest boat which constructed in 17th century. Artifacts such as Old Boats, Historical Ship Models, War tools and weapons, Lanterns, Starboards, Seals, Atatürk Boats, Sultanate Boats, Ship Head Figures, Clocks, Cruise Instruments, Underwater Works, Maritime uniforms are exhibited. You will also see statues of famous historical Turkish admirals. You may observe a huge and the oldest boat after statues. The length of boat is 40 meters, width of boat is 7 meters, weight of boat is 58 tones and 144 rowers were rowing. The unique duty of boat is to have a nice journey for sultan’s pleasure. You will also see imperial caiques which made in 19th century. Furthermore three boats are on exhibition which were used by Atatürk.

Last restoration completed in 2013. The museum is at Beşiktaş town. Hence you may walk a few meters from Beşiktaş port or bus stop. Otherwise you shall walk 1,5 km or get on another bus if you prefer to come by tram.

Furthermore you can visit everyday except Monday between 10:00 and 17:00. You will also pay 2$ for entrance. Students can visit without any charge. However Museum Pass Card is not valid.

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