Ottoman Empire began to collect different guns and battle tools after conquest of Istanbul. Hagia Eirene began to serve as a collection center while Topkapı palace were constructing. Hagia Eirene was a military museum till last 1940s. Most of collection transported to a warehouse after a while. Istanbul Harbiye served as a military university till 1960s. You will see historical constructions which built in 1863. This land served as military university for officer needs of Ottoman army. This area serve as museum since 1993.

By the way you will see paintings at coridors which made by military students. You will also see artifacts which were gifts of foreign guests. Furthermore you will notice sportive success cups and medals. However you will sight classes, clothes and photos of students. Meanwhile there are 5000 pieces on exhibition at museum.

You can also see all of the old items used in the school in the history section. Furthermore old tables, weapons, training rooms and many more are in the history section. Representations of ceremonies, lessons and shooting exercises were made by using inanimate mannequins.  In addition items from different countries exhibited separately. Furthermore some pieces of ancient Golden Horn Chains are on exhibition at this musuem.

Various collections of weapons, military clothes, tents, flags and similar military culture assets are included in this rich collection which is grouped by considering various aspects such as period and subject. These are also rifles, guns, swords, fine ornaments and inscriptions, armors, shields, helmets and most rare examples of Ottoman palace tents.

Halls of Ground Level

  • Introduction Hall
  • Foundation of Turkish Army Hall
  • Seljuks Hall
  • Ottoman State Foundation Hall
  • Ottoman Rising Period Hall
  • Great Turkish States Introduction Area
  • Sultan Mehmet II & Sultan Selim I Corner
  • Cutting Weapons Hall
  • The Conquest of Istanbul Hall
  • Defense Arms Hall
  • Firearms Hall
  • Atatürk’s Classroom
  • Cannon Models Hall
  • Somalia-Bosnia-Kosovo & Internal Security Hall
  • Archery and Cavalry Hall
  • Artillery Hall
  • Janissary Band (Mehter) Instruments Hall
  • Uniforms Hall
  • Flags and Standards Hall
  • The Gallery of Martyrs
  • Naval Section

Halls of First Level

  • Constitutional Period Hall
  • World War I Hall
  • The Battle of Dardanelles Hall
  • War of Independence Hall
  • Korea & Cyprus Hall
  • Ethnographic Works and Manuscripts Hall
  • “Chiefs of General Staff” Hall
  • Atatürk Hall
  • Tents Gallery
  • Selim III Corner (1789-1807)
  • “Armenian Question with Documents” Hall

How can you reach to the museum ?

First of all, you should get off at Harbiye bus stop if you get on from Eminönü or Taksim. However you should get off at Şişli Metro Station if you wish to go by metro to the Harbiye Military Museum. Meanwhile you can visit between 09:00 and 17:00 hours daily except Mondays and Tuesdays. Furthermore you will pay 1,5 $ as an entrance fee. Museum Pass Card is also valid.

Are you curious about Mehteran Team?

The concert of Mehteran Team is between 15:00 and 16:00 hours. However  archery show will be before Mehteran show. Although try to be not in hurry at Istanbul Harbiye Museum. Therefore we offer to enjoy extra activities which done at here. By the way this is the best military museum since decades.

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