Are you interested in Aviation?

Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi is the first man who flied with help of wings for a while. He flied from Galata Tower till Üsküdar square and he also passed over the Maiden’s Tower. He flew 1200 meters over Bosphorus in 17th century. Lagari Hasan Çelebi also made a rocket in 17th century. He made a show for Ottoman Sultan at Seraglio Point. He flied vertical and landed on sea with a parachute which created by himself.

The first aviation museum of Türkiye established at Izmir in 1971. Everything transported to Istanbul in 1978. This museum serve at here since 1985. The museum exhibits all types of airplanes, helicopter models from the oldest airplanes of the Turkish air history to balloons and zeppelins. The oldest airplane is made in 1912. You will also sight planes which  made in Türkiye before World War II .

Aviation Museum is a part of Air Force Academy. You can visit between 10:00 and 16:00 hours daily except Monday. You will pay 2$ for entrance. There is no charge for students. You can reach to the museum easily by train. You should get off at Yeşilköy station and then you will walk for a while. We offer to visit the museum if you plan to visit Istanbul Aquarium. If you walk towards to east after Yeşilköy train station you will reach to the Aviation Museum. In addition Istanbul Aquarium located at west of Yeşilköy train station. We offer to buy miniature model planes.  The name of museum changed as Istanbul Aviation and Space Museum.

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