Chains of Golden Horn

Roman Empire used these chains at the entrance of Golden Horn. As a result, Ottoman Empire couldn’t go in the Golden Horn cause of those chains. Ships of Ottoman reached the Golden Horn via sleds from Beşiktaş to Kasımpaşa over hills.

Chains may be seen at Harbiye Museum. They are extraordinary huge. One piece of chain is 60 cm.

Sepetçiler Mansion

Sepetçiler mansion is used by international journalists nowadays.

Sirkeci Train Station

The train station has served since 1890. Sirkeci is the last station for European trains.


There are also many ports for boats. Among them, Eminönü and Karaköy are the greatest ones. Furthermore you may  go to Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul, prince islands and other islands of Istanbul. You may also have a Bosphorus tour by boat.

Harem section of Topkapı Palace has a wonderful panoramic view for Golden Horn.

Galata Bridge

It is so nice to walk over Galata Bridge and you will see people who try to catch fish. Middle part of Galata Bridge can be opened upwards so big ships can pass through.

Do you want to visit tombs of first muslims?

There is also an underground mosque just near Galata bridge after passing over the bridge. You will see tombs inside the mosque.

Do you want to see daily fish of Bosphorus?

You should also come to Kumkapı Fish Bazaar. Fishermen sell different kind of sea products there. We offer to visit this bazaar.

Are you curious about the first mosque of Istanbul?

Arab Mosque constructed in 711. By the way you will see Arab Mosque if you walk from Galata Bridge to Kasımpaşa town.

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