We assume that you will go to the Antakya by airplane. You can rent a car for a couple days if you wish to spend your time more efficiently. For instance, you can’t go to the some locations without a vehicle such as the tunnel of Titus, the tree of Mosah, the plataeu of Batıayaz,etc…

The Museum of Antiochia

You will see a great archaeological museum which is a few kilometers far to city center.

The Church of Saint Pierre

You will see the first church on world where believers named as “christian” among public at that term. As you know apostles and Virgin Mary came to Antiochia just after the death of Jesus at Jerusalem.

By the way, you should walk a few meters more for Haron where a face of woman carved at a rock in BC 2nd century. You will notice some writings.

The Mosque of Habib-i Neccar

Once upon a time, two apostles came to Antiochia and they began to tell about Jesus and God. However , public didn’t like apostles. After a while , another apostle reached to city although people wished to kill these strangers. Habib-i Neccar was living on mountain but he run to city  center immediately. Habib-i Neccar said that “Please believe these guests who tell about God”. In conclusion, soldiers killed three apostles of Jesus and Habib-i Neccar. You can read from the surah of Yasin at Quaran for detailed information.

You will notice that churches, synagogue and the mosque aren’t far to each other.

The Great Mosque

You can walk at the Uzun Bazaar and make your shopping. Consequently, you will see the Great Mosque of Antakya at the end of bazaar.

You can also spend time at historical park if you pass over bridge. Furthermore, you will sight the building of council of Hatay State which governed between 1937 and 1939. Public accepted to be a city of Türkiye as a result of an election in 1939.

You can also have a meal or eat Künefe at river side. Künefe is the most famous dessert of Antakya as well as you can also drink cold milk beside it.

Harbiye Waterfalls

You can reach there in 10 minutes by car. Once upon  a time, Daphne ancient site was at here. You will see restaurants and cafes among waterfalls.

You may see a Roman Pool if you walk 500 meters more from entrance of Harbiye.

The Monastery of Saint Simonne

Once upon a time, Saint Simonne lived on a column for forty years hence the monastery constructed for honor of him. Ruins of monastery isn’t much far to town center of Samandağ.

The Tree of Mosah

Prophet Mosah and Hıdır were friends. You should go to the village of Hıdırbey for the fountain of eternal life and tree of Mosah. By the way, the tomb of Hıdır Prophet is located at beach of Çevlik.

The Tunnel of Titus

You should see the great channel which occurred as a result of human force.

The Town of Iskenderun

You should go to the Payas for structures of Ottoman Empire such as castle and Islamic Complex which built in 16th century. By the way you will notice a huge olive tree which is older than a millenium.

Erzin is popular by its thermal waters.

Arsuz has the best beach for swimming at Mediterranean. You can also see the pool of Virgin Mary that both of cold and hot water streams.

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