Orientis Apicem Pulcrum: Antiochia

Once upon a time, Antiochia was the third greatest city on world after Rome and Constantinople. Antakya differs much from other cities on world. None of cities have both three great religions’ temples and nature all together. For instance you will visit the first church on world which carved on rock just after the death of Jesus Christ. In addition the longest tunnel that occured as a result of human force. The first mosque of Anatolia that built in 636. In addition, you can also watch the sunset at the longest beach of Türkiye. Furthermore, you will eat delicious foods. For instance, Künefe is the most famous one among others. The breakfast of Hatay is very famous, too.

You should arrange a weekend or a couple of days for most popular destionations of Antiochia. You can also go to the Antakya by airplane. We offer to rent a car and drive by yourself.

The Church of Saint Pierre

The church of Saint Pierre is a very important pilgrime point for Catholic christians. The most noteworthy the phrase christian firstly used for member of this church.

The Archaeological Museum of Antiochia

You will visit the greatest mosaic museum on world. You can also sight the Statue Of Hittite King II.Suppılulıuma which is older than three milleniums. Archaeologist search still monuments of Hittite at Demirköprü village of Reyhanlı town. By the way, the bridge of Demirköprü constructed in period of Hittite states.

The Town of Samandağ

First of all, you should arrange half of a day for the most popular tourist attraction points of Samandağ. For instance , the beach of Çevril has a wonderful view and you can also swim or surf at the longest beach of Türkiye. In addition, you will walk in the tunnel of Titus. The most noteworthy this is the longest tunnel which carved by human force in the history. You will see a huge tree which is older than a millennium and a fountain of eternal life.

The Long Bazaar

You can buy popular local products of Hatay such as olive,  the flower of pomegranate, pepper paste, the soap of laurel, halva, spices, gift products, etc…

The Great Mosque of Antakya

You will encounter this beautiful mosque while you take a stroll at the bazaar.

The Mosque of Habib-i Neccar

The army of Islamic State conquered the city in 636 and they built the first mosque of Anatolia. You will notice the minaret of mosque and crowd at the yard of mosque cause of tombs. Habib-i Neccar is a very important person for both of Muslims and Christians. Some apostles of Jesus visited the city of Antiochia and they began to tell about God and Jesus. Habib-i Neccar was a person who was beloved by public and he wished that people should believe these apostles . However soldiers killed these  guests and Habib-i Neccar. Quaran tells the detailed story of this event. You may read the Surah Yasin for information about Habib-i Neccar.

Excursion at Harbiye

Once upon a time, human beings were living at Daphne ancient site. However, Daphne ancient site disappeared after an earthquake. You will see small watercourses, waterfalls and pools, nowadays. There are so many restaurants and cafes, too. We offer to have a meal or drink something in the beautiful nature of Harbiye.


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