Alexander the Great was planning to go to the India but he died at the Babylon city of Mesopotamia. Seleucos was a commander of Hellene Empire. He established the city of Antiochia in BC 3th century. First of all, the commander constructed the walls of city. You can see the ruins of city walls if you go to the Mount of Habib-i Neccar. In addition you should go the Kuryer village for to see most parts of the castle which is about 13 kilometers far to the Harbiye. You will drive towards to Reyhanlı town however you will turn at the intersection of Altınözü. Once upon a time the castle of Antiochia was one of the greatest castles. The length of castle was about 23 kilometers.

The castle was constructed in period of Hellene Empire although Roman Empire get the control of city and castle after a short time. Roman Empire reconstructed the castle in 6th century. Roman Empire governed the city of Antiochia for more than a millenium expect some decades. The Islamic State conquered the city in 638 and governed it till 669. Seljukid Turkish State managed the city between 1085 and 1097. The castle captured by the Sultan of Egypt in 1268. Ottoman Empire conquered the city in 1516.

You can also see the Demirkapı part of castle if you walk more from the church of Saint Pierre.

The Castle of Koz

You will see two tower of the castle. You should also go to the town of Altınözü. By the way, the watercourse of Kuseyr begins to flow at here.

The Castle of Bakras

You can visit the castle if you drive four kilometers more from 27th kilometer of Antakya and İskenderun road.  Most parts of the castle is still fine. This is a structure of Hellene Empire, too.

The Castle of Darb-ı Sak

You can see some parts of the castle which is four kilometers far to the town of Kırıkhan. You can also visit the tomb of Beyazıd-i Bestami. The mosque of castle built in 19th century. The castle built in period of Hellene Empire.

The Castle of Sarıseki

You will see the castle of a hill while driving from İskenderun to Adana. The castle of Sarıseki built in period of Hellene Empire.

The Castle of Kurt

First of all, you should drive towards to Haymaçınar plateau of Iskenderun. The road isn’t well and you will not see a fine castle after driving in forest, either.

The Castle of Mancınık

You can see some ruins of the castle which built in 1290. The castle is also located on a hill between Payas and Dörtyol.

The Castle of Payas

You should visit the castle if you are curious about a perfect castle. The castle constructed by Ottoman Empire. Muslims were travelling towards to Mecca for pilgrimage duty and they were passing on this way. The castle of Payas was an important location for security of muslim pilgrimages.

You will go to the Payas town for view Islamic Complex which has caravanserai, hammam, mosque as well as bazaar and castle.

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