The city established by a commander of Alexander the Great in BC 333. Ottoman Empire conquered the city of Iskenderun in 16th century. The town of Iskenderun has a very important trade ports nowadays. The climate of Antiochia is damp and hot hence we offer to visit the city except summer. Spring and Autumn are better than winter for a sightseeing.

You will also see both of the historical churches and mosques. For instance, the orthodox greek church of Marcircos built in 1585. The orthodox greek church of Saint Nichola constructed in 1870. The armenian church built in 1872. In addition the catholic church built in first decades of 17th century.

By the way, you can also visit the museum of sea from 09:00 to 17:00, except on Mondays.

You will also see the “Yarık Kaya” which looks like a slit at the rocky mountains. You can also get information about homing pigeon of İskenderun which are educated for post works. Jam of walnut is a popular option for breakfast.

Historical Place at Town of Payas

You will see a castle and an Islamic complex which has hammam, caravanserai, mosque. By the way, all of these structures constructed in 16th century at period of Ottoman Empire.

The Beach of Arsuz

People prefer to swim at here because seaside is suitable for families. You will drive 33 kilometers from city center of Iskenderun to the beach.

In addition, you can go to the pool of Virgin Mary where she bathed. You will sight two pools that one of them has cold water and the other has hot water.

The Town of Belen

First of all, you will pass in the town of Belen while driving from İskenderun to Antakya. You can visit the mosque, hammam, caravanserai of the town which were built in 16th century.

In addition, you will drive 8 kilometers more from the 25th kilometer of main road to the village of Ötençay for view the castle of Bakras.

You can also see the bridge of Bakras which is still serving. The length of bridge is 12 meters.

The Martyrs Monument of Belen

You will see tombs of 1500 soldiers who were poisoned by armenian doctors during World War I in 1916.

The Column of Prophet Yunus

Once upon a time, the Prophet Yunus tried that people didn’t believe God so he jumped to the sea. A huge fish swallowed him just after he began to drawn. After a while, Yunus Prophet begged so much to the God. In conclusion, the fish throwed him to the seaside. This is the first location that he stepped on ground.

The Ruins of Issos

Alexander the Great won the battle against to Persian Empire at here. You will see ruins of aquadects and ancient site. Open upon a time, Issos was a settlement but it was demolished after the war between armies. The ancient site isn’t far to Erzin.

The Town of Erzin

First of all, you will notice gardens of orange. The thermal waters of town is very popular. You can also make a picnic at the nature. Furthermore small zoo is well enough for children. You can also go to the seaside for swimming. The thermal waters of Erzin is about 8 kilometers and Mediterranean is approximately 13 kilometers far to town center of Erzin.

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