Göreme is almost 12 km away from Nevşehir. People lived there between 4th and 14th centuries. This area was built approximately in 4th century by a preacher. Saint Basil began carving rocks in Göreme. Göreme is also accepted as a place where monastic education system began. So, Göreme became very important for Christian education. Monastic education lasted till 14th century. You will see many frescos that describe life of Jesus Christ and events told in the Bible. Soğanlı, Ihlara and open palace valleys are other places where the same education system spread.


They carved soft volcanic rocks. Architecture of area occured as a result of carving churches, monasteries, chapels, graves, mosques, kitchen, oven and so forth. Thus, there are 360 churches carved to rocks in Cappadocia. Göreme Open Air Museum is the most known place cause of frescos protected better than other churches. There are also information plates at the entrances of the churches.

You can visit open air museums between 08:00 – 19:00. You can visit most of the museums by a museum card. Instead of buying a ticket for each museum, it helps ease your visit. Museum Card is valid except the Dark church. Its entrance fee is $4. Visiting Göreme Open Air Museum would take 3 hours averagely.


• A French traveller came to Cappadocia in the 19th century and drew the things he saw. Then, he wrote a book about Cappadocia and added those drawings. People were laughing while they were reading the book and they thought that he dreamt. However that book is the best seller in France for Cappadocia nowadays.



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