Let’s Take a Stroll in Edirne

As you know, the mosque of Selimiye is the most famous structure of city. Hence, we offer to park your car and then begin your sightseeing. You can reach to most of attraction points by walking. Furthermore, you can feel the historical ambience while walking among historical structures in Sarayiçi. In conclusion, you will walk a few hours as well as have a lunch after a while and then drive to River Meriç for more destinations. Have you ever wondered about the longest bridge on world?

The Capital of Ottoman Empire

Once upon a time, Hadrianopolis was an important city. Ottoman Empire conquered the city in 1361. The previous capital was Bursa although Edirne served as capital for 88 years. By the way, the tower of Hadrian is still fine.

The Mosque of Selimiye

Architect Sinan built the construction when he was eighty years old. Selimiye Mosque had been built between 1569 and 1575. The height of dome is 43 meters and it has thirtyone meters width. Mihrab and minbar has splendid marble works. In addition, tiles are the best sample of 16th century. Furthermore, you should visit the museum of Turkish and Islamic Relics as well as Foundation Works. Meanwhile, the museum of Archaeology and Ethnography is beside the mosque. By the way, Arasta Bazaar constructed as an income source for needs of the mosque. In conclusion, we offer to visit Üç Şerefeli Mosque, Old Mosque, Bedesten, Grand Synagogue.

The Health Complex of Sultan Beyazıt II

You will sight a museum that gives information about the treatment methods of the Ottoman Empire in 15th century. Meanwhile, the hospital served between 1488 and 1888. In addition, mental patients were been treating by music. Furthermore, you will also see mosque, hammam, bridge, etc…

Gökçetepe Nature Park

You will drive to the town of Keşan for gulf of Saros. You will admire the fresh air and water of sea. There are enough options for accommodation and restaurants.

The Martyrdom of Balkan

Nations of Balkan crashed to each other in 1912 and 1913. Approximately three hundred thousands of soldiers died during battles. In addition, twenty thousand of soldiers died cause of malnutrition at Sarayiçi. The monument of Martyrs built in 1939.

The Museum and Monument of Lausanne

You should go to the yard of Trakya University which located in Karaağaç if you would like to sight the monument and museum.

The Bazaar of Ali Paşa

You will take a stroll in a historical structure where stores sell products. The length of bazaar is about three hundred meters and there are one hundred stores. The construction built between 1560 and 1565. In addition, Architect Sinan constructed this splendid bazaar.

Rüstem Pasha Caravanserai

Rüstem Pasha is the groom of Magnificent Süleyman. Architect Sinan built the structure for honor of him in 1560s. There are two floors as well as caravanserai serve as a hotel, nowadays.

Ergene Bridge

You will go to the town of Uzunköprü for view one of the longest bridges on world. The length of bridge is 1392 meters. The construction of bridge began in 1427 and completed in 1443.

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