Popular Locations in Edirne

Most of visitors plan their trip according to popular destinations of that city. However, there are many other options for a better sightseeing. For instance, Hadrian tower is one of the last memories which built millenniums ago. As usual, you may take a stroll in Sarayiçi and Kaleiçi. You will encounter to many historical structures in Kaleiçi. Sarayiçi is the location old palaces of Ottoman Empire.

Madrasas of Ottoman Empire

Saatli Madrasa constructed between 1437 and 1447. By the way, Üç Şerefeli Mosque located beside the madrasah. Furthermore, Peykler Madrasa is also near to Saatli Medrese and it is at the north side of mosque.

Palaces of Ottoman Empire

As you know, Bursa served as a capital between 1302 and 1361. Ottoman Empire conquered the city of Edirne in 1361 as well as it was declared as the new capital of state. The first palace of Ottoman Empire constructed in 1365 and it was named as Saray-ı Atik. Although, the second palace of Ottoman Empire built on the west side of River Tunca at period of Sultan Murad II and it was named as Saray-ı Cedid-i Amire. Furthermore, Justice Tower of old Ottoman Palace built in 1562 and it serves as a Edirne city museum, nowadays. By the way, the tower constructed by Architect Sinan in 16th century. Unfortunately, all of palaces destroyed as a result of explosions in last decades of 19th century. In conclusion, you will sight the tower of Justice and ruins of old palaces.

The Mosque of Muradiye

First of all, Ottoman Sultan Murat II dreamt Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi hence sultan ordered to build a structure for pupil of Mevlana. Although, it serves as a mosque, nowadays.

The Lake of Gala

You will sight an enormous land for birds where some of them survive under danger of extinct on delta of River Meriç. Meanwhile, you will admire the ambiance when birds fly above you. Gala Lake located between towns of Enez and İpsala. By the way, Ainos ancient site is near to town of Enez. We offer to visit the museum of Edirne for view an embossment that describes dancing nymphes which found at the ancient site of Ainos.

The Tower of Macedonia

Once upon a time, this structure was serving as a clock tower. In fact, it is a tower of Hadrianapolis city walls. As a result, you will see a fine tower. By the way, it is also near to Üç Şerefeli Mosque. We also offer to not miss the opportunity for to take a stroll in Kaleiçi.

The Mosque of Üç Şerefeli

Sultan Murad II is the father of Conqueror Sultan Mehmet as well as he was a charitable man. The longest minaret of this mosque has three balconies and its height is more than sixty meters. By the way, Üç Şerefeli Mosque constructed after the conquest of Smyrna.

The Bridge of Meriç

This is best location for view sunset. Meanwhile, Panorama Mansion constructed by marble. By the way, you should look to the dome of mansion beneath it.



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