Once upon a time, Edirne was the capital city of Ottoman Empire till conquest of Istanbul in 1453. You won’t see that period’s palace due to governmental constructions’ explosion in first decade of 20th century. However, you will sight splendid mosques and structures of Ottoman civilization. In addition, you should take a stroll among old style stores at the avenue of Saraçlar in Edirne. Furthermore, Rüstempaşa caravanserai built in 1554 and it serves as a hotel nowadays. Meanwhile, if you wish to feel the historical ambience of Edirne, you should take a stroll in Kaleiçi where is surrounded by old city walls. In conclusion, you should arrange a day for local tastes and attraction points of Edirne.

Old Mosque

You can notice the structure which stands on the opposite of Selimiye mosque. The construction of mosque completed in 1414. You will see nine domes and two minarets.  Once upon a time, mosques were constructing with old style which has many domes and wider. The most noteworthy, you will admire the art of caligraphy at entrance and inside of mosque. By the way, have you ever heard about Hacerül Esved? This is a piece of black stone which hasn’t any sample mineral on earth.

The Mosque of Muradiye

You must drive through to the outside of city center. You will admire the mihrab of Muradiye mosque which was decorated by splendid tiles. By the way, Muradiye Mosque has been serving since 1433.

The Mosque of Dar’ül Hadis

Sultan Murat dreamt the Prophet Muhammad. He told padishah to build a madrasah where pupils will get education about Islam. The construction of madrasah completed in 1435 however the building began to serve as a mosque after a while.

Edirne Mosque With Three Galleries

Üç Şerefeli Mosque has four minarets that each of them has different style. In addition, the construction of the mosque completed in ten years and it has been serving since 1447. You will notice the Seljukid architecture while taking a stroll in the mosque. The minaret which has three balconies has eighty-one meters height and it is still one of the longest minarets, today. Meanwhile, you can visit the hammam which stands on the opposite of mosque.

The Mosque of Selimiye

As you know, Mimar Sinan is the most famous architect of Ottoman Empire. He had influenced by architecture of Hagia Sophia. Architect Sinan constructed great structures in 16th century. You will visit the largest mosque on world. The construction of mosque completed in seven years and it serves since 1575. In conclusion, the mosque Süleymaniye in Istanbul is a bit smaller than Selimiye mosque. However, both of them built by Architect Sinan.

The Greatest Mental Hospital of the Middle Ages

Psychological problems are ordinary events in today. However, patients had been treating with music during the Ottoman civilization.

The Grand Synagogue

Jewish people migrated from Spain to Ottoman land in 1492. Once upon a time, there were thirteen synagogues. However, most of them demolished at fire in 1903. In conclusion, the construction of the Europe’s greatest synagogue completed in 1907.



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