First of all, you will see many bridges that built to cross over large rivers. However, even bridges aren’t enough after a serious rain. In conclusion, bridges built as a need of people or army. Would you like to see one of the longest bridges on world?

Tunca Bridge

The most noteworthy, you will see a splendid bridge that built between 1608 and 1613. Architect Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa and Architect Hacı Şaban constructed together. In fact, the name of bridge is Defterdar Ekmekçizade Ahmet Pasha. Although, the bridge built over River Tunca due to public call it as the Bridge of Tunca. Furthermore, the bridge has ten arches. Meanwhile, public call this bridge as old one and Bridge Meriç as new one. By the way, you may breakfast or drink something at one of cafes beside the River Tunca.

The Bridge of Meriç

You will see a fine bridge that built between 1842 and 1847. The length of bridge is 263 meters as well as Meriç Bridge has twelve arches. By the way, public prefer to view sunset at here. Meanwhile, the bridge constructed over River Meriç. The most noteworthy, you will notice embossments of Seljukid architecture such as the calendar that has twelve animals. By the way, you will sight the small mansion which has a splendid dome. You will see the historical fountain and town of Karaağaç after passing over the bridge. In conclusion, River Arda and River Ergene reaches to River Meriç and it streams to Aegean Sea.

The Bridge of Gazi Mihal

This is the first bridge that built by Ottoman Empire in 15th century. The length of bridge is 125 meters.

The Bridge of Beyazıt

You will see two bridges that both of them constructed over River Tunca. Beyazıt Bridge constructed in 1488 at the same date with Complex of Sultan Beyazıt II as well as Architect Hayrettin constructed both of them. The Complex of Sultan Beyazıt II has a mosque although it was hard for people to reach there without a bridge. The length of bridge is 78 meters. In conclusion, the bridge made shorter the way of mosque.

The Bridge of Saraçhane

Shahabettin Pasha was a philanthropic grand vizier as well as the bridge was built over River Tunca by him in 1451. The length of bridge is 120 meters as well as it has twelve arches. By the way, you will see the embossment of rooster at the bridge.

Bridges of Ottoman Palace

Once upon a time, there was a palace at Sarayiçi. The length of Kanuni bridge is sixty meters as well as it connects Sarayiçi to Edirne. By the way, it was built in 1554. In addition, the Fatih Bridge connects Sarayiçi and Balkan Martyrdom. The length of Fatih Bridge is 34 meters and it was built in 1452. Meanwhile, public called it as Hasbahçe Bridge cause of new palace of Ottoman Empire.

The Bridge of Ergene

You will sight one of the longest bridges on world which has 174 arches. Architect Muslihiddin constructed this very long bridge in 1427. The length of bridge is 1392 meters. You should go to Uzunköprü town which named like that by public because of extreme long bridge.


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