Edirne Sightseeing

You will enjoy much on any season. For instance, you should come in July for Olive Oiled Wrestling Championship of Kırkpınar. Wrestlers race since the conquest of Edirne by Ottoman Empire in 1361. As a result, this is the oldest sportive activity for more than six centuries. In addition, you can taste cookies and desserts of Edirne. Meanwhile, you may buy broom with mirror and fruit shaped soaps as a souvenir. By the way, Ali Pasha Bazaar and Bedesten are the most popular locations for shopping in Edirne.

Health Museum

You should take a stroll in Sarayiçi for feel the historical ambience in Edirne. You can notice the historical structure if you drive a few more minutes from Sarayiçi. The Complex of Sultan Beyazit II served as a mental hospital till last decades of 20th century. In fact, the hospital was serving for all kind of illnesses however it began to serve just for mental patients after a a while. Meanwhile, mental illnesses had been treated by music at period of Ottoman Empire. In conclusion, you will hear the sound of music while walking in the museum. You will admire treatment techniques of Ottoman civilization as well as the health museum.

River Meriç

You will pass over River Tunca at first and then River Meriç while driving from city center to Karaağaç. Meanwhile, Bridge Tunca constructed by Architect Mehmet Ağa who was also built Sultan Ahmet Mosque in İstanbul. You can have breakfast beside the river as well as have a drink at any cafe. In addition, you can visit the house of Kırkpınar for view the best wrestlers’ statues. By the way, there are many options for have a meal and drink something beside the River Meriç.

Karaağaç Train Station

You will reach to the town of Karaağaç after passing over Bridge Meriç. Furthermore, you will also sight the monument and museum of Lausanne. You should arrange half of your day for Karaağaç, River Tunca and River Meriç.7

Kırkpınar Wrestlers

As you know, Ottoman Empire conquered the city of Edirne in 1361. Therefore, many festivals arranged for celebration. In addition, Kırkpınar Wrestlers are the most famous on world. The championship last for three days as well as they wrest after getting bath with olive oil. In conclusion, thousands of people visit the city for view wrestlers at Kırkpınar square. By the way, you can sight the statues of best wrestlers at beside the square of Kırkpınar.

Historical Sarayiçi Field

Once upon a time, the palace of Ottoman Empire was at here. However, it was demolished at last decades of 20th century. As a result, you will see ruins of old palace. Meanwhile, Bursa was the previous capital of Ottoman Empire since 1302. Edirne is the second capital of state. The army conquered the city in 1361 and it was declared as the new capital of Ottoman Empire. The most noteworthy, İstanbul conquered by Ottoman Empire in 1453 as well as the new capital declared after the conquest of the greatest city on world.

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