Let’s Take a Stroll in Diyarbakır

First of all, you will love the city if have enough courage for a trip that will last a few days. Most of attraction points located inside the city walls.

The Tower of Keçi

This place is a splendid choice if you like view Hevsel Gardens and Ten Arched Bridge while drinking coffee on city walls. By the way, the last construction of Dicle bridge completed in 1165 although it was built and demolished a few more times in the past. Furthermore, you can also sight the underground bazaar which is near to Keçi Tower. In fact, tower of Keçi is the oldest part of city walls.

The Great Mosque of Diyarbakır

Once upon a time, a temple was serving for public. As you know, Roman Empire let people to worship freely after declaration of Milano in 313. This temple converted into a church after a while. The army of Muslims conquered the city of Diyarbakır in 639 and the greatest church of city converted into a mosque after that. In addition, we offer to visit the madrasah of Mesudiye which built in 1194. By the way, we offer to visit the mosque of Hazreti Süleyman where martyred Muslims are beneath the mosque.

The Khan of Hasan Pasha

This is the greatest one among others which built in 1575 at period of Ottoman Empire. Most of guests prefer to have a breakfast at here. In addition, you may drink something and buy souvenir. By the way, we offer to drink “Menengiç” coffee which is the most famous local drink of Diyarbakır. Furthermore, you should sight the church of Mar Petyun and the minaret which built on quad columns.

The Church of Virgin Mary

This is the most famous church of Diyarbakır. You will see an ancient church which serves since 3rd century.

City Walls of Diyarbakır

First of all, inner castle was constructed about three milleniums ago. However, city walls are older than two milleniums. Most of them constructed at period of Roman Empire. Although, other nations reconstructed city walls as well as built towers. There are eighty-two towers, nowadays. In the meantime, you’ll notice four gates that allow you to enter the city center.

Malabadi Bridge

You will sight a masterpiece which built by a charitable Muslim in 8th century. However, the signs tells that it was built in 1147. In addition, the arch of bridge is the greatest one on world. Furthermore, the dome of Hagia Sophia may fit beneath the arch of Malabadi bridge. Meanwhile, there are rooms for guests who would need accommodation on the way. You should go to the town of Silvan for view the bridge. By the way, we offer to sight the caves of Hassuni which isn’t much far to Silvan.

Tombs of Prophets and Assyrian Kings

First of all, you should go to the town of Eğil. In addition, you can visit tombs of prophets before having lunch beside the River Tigris. Furthermore, you will have a boat tour for view the castle and tombs of Assyrian kings that carved in rocks.



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