The Mosque of Hazreti Süleyman

As you know, Mohammad born in 571 and declared his prophesying in 610. Prophet Muhammed lived till 632. The army of Islamic State conquered the city of Diyarbakır in 639. You can also visit tombs of twenty seven friends of Prophet Mohammad while taking a stroll in the city. Furthermore, tombs of Prophet Mohammad’s friends buried at other locations of city. Süleyman was son of Halid bin Velid who was also the commander of army. However it is possible that tomb of King Solomon located in Diyarbakır, too. In addition, if you go to the town of Eğil, you may also visits tombs of prophets such as Nebî Zülkifl, Nebî Elyesa, Nebî Harun-ı Âsafî, Nebî Hallak, Nebî Harut, Nebî Enûş b. Şit.

The greatest church of Diyarbakır converted to a mosque after the conquest of city. Meanwhile, the mosque of Hazreti Süleyman constructed between 1155 and 1169. Most of tombs are at the basement as well as it isn’t possible to sight most of them. The mosque of Hazreti Süleyman was built in 12th century by a sultan that he dreamt Süleyman who was martyred at siege of Diyarbakır by Muslims.

Would You Like to Learn the Story of Conquest?

First of all, there were eight thousand soldiers as a member of Muslims’ army. One thousand of them were companions of Prophet Muhammed. The siege of the city lasted for five months although they couldn’t be successful. Meanwhile, the month of Ramadan began due to Muslims were fasting during siege of city. Halid bin Velid was the commander of army. One of soldiers was leaving a bread to the commander’s tent. However, Halid bin Velid couldn’t see the bread after a while. The commander guessed that there isn’t any supply left hence he fasted for three days without eating anything. After three days, he wondered about amount of supplies.

Halit bin Velid: “Are there any supplies left?”

Soldier: “The supplies are sufficient”

Commander: “So why don’t you leave a bread to the tent since the last three days?”

Soldier: “I leave a bread as usual.”

As a result they began to watch inside of tent and they noticed that a dog takes the bread and goes to the castle. They followed the dog and they saw that animal passes the city walls via a small hole. They aggreed to make it bigger and pass to other side. Meanwhile, Süleyman and friends of him passed from that hole and they successed to open door of the castle. In conclusion, you will visit tombs of these heros beside the mosque. By the way, forty-one friends of Prophet Muhammad martyred during clashes around the city. Last martyred soldier is the first governor of Diyarbakır who wounded during the battle.

Some of Martyred Soldiers

In fact, some companions of Prophet Muhammed accommodated at the city for a while. Therefore, there should be more than forty tombs of them. The names of the martyr soldiers were written on a table and hanged on the wall of the mosque.



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