3 beautiful fairy chimneys are on the left side of road while you are coming from Nevşehir to Ürgüp. They are near Ürgüp town. You can see them if you look down the valley. About the story of them, very noteworthy photo of these 3 beauties was published on a newspaper in 1952 and then tourism began. Therefore, these 3 beauties became a turning point for Cappadocia.


Ürgüp town was also the headquarter of episcopacy for Christianity.

There is also a monument grave in the castle for one of Seljukid sultans. The most specific peculiarity of monumentis that it has a 700m tunnel. The height of hill is 80 m. There is also a church on south-west hill. In addition castle  is located 500m north of hill.

Ürgüp was an important town for Seljukid state and Ottoman Empire owing to its location that is on the way of trade. Tourists also see the town while they drink Turkish tea on the hill. There are also many churches and monasteries in the region. Besides, bazaar and stores are popular so you can see many things like rugs, silver made products, a kind of cheese which stored in an earthenware pot.


Ürgüp Museum

Historical findings  have been on the exhibition at Ürgüp museum since 1971. Museum is located opposite the municipality. About the inventory, there are fossils of sea animals, pot, ceramic and glass made products. Moreover, there are traditional clothes, writings silver products, guns, tools, books and so forth.


Ortahisar still seems like an old town. Old houses became hotels after restorations. Not only did the indigenous people buy houses but also foreigners bought houses from Ortahisar. You will see beautiful houses made of stone. Some families weave carpets and sell these hand-made carpets. Moreover, grape of Cappadocia is very famous and they pick them in September.

The unique Ethnography museum of Cappadocia is in Ortahisar town. The first ethnography museum exhibits Cappadocia daily life in Ortahisar since 2004. The museum house was built in 1916. You may walk or ride a bicycle in the valleys of Ortahisar town. Every year a concert is held on 27th of April at museum.

How can you reach Ortahisar?

It is located between Ürgüp and Uchisar. Ortahisar is 6 km away from Ürgüp and 15 km away from Nevşehir.








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