Mazı Underground City

“Mataza” is the historical name of Mazı village. And, Mazı underground city is 18 km south of Ürgüp and 10 km east of Kaymaklı. Until now, 4 different entrances of the city were found. Moreover, there is a huge stone gate for controlling entrance of the city. Like the ones in other underground cities. It is not surprising that it has also rooms, tunnels, a barn for animals. Last but not least, its church has embossed designs.

Özlüce Underground City

“Zile” is the historical name of this village. Özlüce underground city is 6 km west of Kaymaklı town. Incredibly amazing in Cappadocia that most underground cities have a distinctive feature. Likewise, two arched vaulted entrance differs from other underground cities. Then you will pass through a 15 m length tunnel. Meanwhile there is a stone whose height is 175 cm that is at the end of tunnel. About the inside, main room has two sections. While right handside was used as a warehouse for food, left one was used as living rooms.


Tatlarin Underground City

This underground city is open to public since 1991. Because it has large rooms and many warehouses, it seems like it was for military purposes.

In fact Tatlarin underground city distinguishes from other ones with its toilets. Up to now, specialists couldn’t find any toilets like ones in Tatlarin in any other underground cities.

And here is the list of underground cities.



  1. Saratlı underground city
  2. Güzelyurt underground city
  3. Gaziemir underground city


  • Ağırnas underground city
  • Talas underground city


    I-Mucur underground city

    II-Dulkadirli İnli Murat underground city

    III-Kümbetaltı underground city

    Nevşehir ili

    1. Derinkuyu underground city
    2. Kaymaklı underground city
    3. Özkonak underground city and Sarıhan caravanserai
    4. Mazı underground city
    5. Özlüce underground city
    6. Sivasa  underground city
    7. Tatlarin underground city
    8. Acıgöl underground city
    9. Til underground city and  Dolayhan caravanserai
    10. Pınarbaşı(Geyral) underground city and Ağzıkarahan caravanserai

    Niğde ili

    *Konaklı underground city

    *Kavlaktepe underground city



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