Antique Tyana Ruins

Antique Tyana Ruins  are beneath Kemerhisar town. Even so, its findings are being exhibited at Niğde museum. In addition, Roman pool and water bridges were built in the 2nd century AD. Periodically, Kemerhisar was called Tuwanuwa during Hittites empire, but Romans called it Tyana. Moreover, Tuwanuwa was the capital city of state. Specificaly, the famous king Warpalawa governed this city between BC 738 and 715.

Roman Pool

This fascinating Roman pool was built in the 2nd century AD. About its location, this pool is in Bahçeli town. It was built with marble and its size is 23m x 66m x 2.5m. As a matter of fact, there isn’t any antique pool like this. This place was water source of city. Once upon a time water was transported by water bridges and underground channels to Tyana city. Furthermore Tyana aqueducts can be seen in Kemerhisar town.

Gökbez Rock Embossments

Gökbez rock embossments are over a 3m x 2m rock. It is at Gökbez village and that is 18 km away from Niğde city center. They were made in the 7th century BC. Embossment is about Storm God and there are grapes between the feet of figure. Storm God was drew as he holds two oxen at his right hand and a lightning at his Sleft hand.


ANDAVAL  church is 8km away from and to the north-east of Niğde. Specifically, it is in Aktaş village and it is located beside railway too. Other than Andaval; Andavilis, Addaualis, Ambavalis are used in historical writings. W.J.Hamilton was a traveller and he wrote a book in 1842. He tells that this church was built for memorial of Helena who was mother of Byzantine emperor Konstantinos.

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