What should you do in Cappadocia?

I.       Find a location where you can watch the glorious sunset while its beams fall over fairy chimneys.

II.     Have a balloon ride at sunrise so you will see mountains and different colors of Cappadocia valleys.

III.    Travel by bicycle or motorcycle so  you will explore different shaped rocks and churches.

IV.    Have a nice sleep at cave hotels and wake up in a cave hotel room.

V.      Climb up Selime monastery so you will have adventure.

VI.    Explore monastery valley of Güzelyurt.

VII.  Visit a traditional hammam, for instance Alaattin Turkish Bath which is located in Avanos .

VIII. Be surprised while you release your imaginary world in Devrent valley.

IX.    Hear all details of frescos.

X.      Taste fruits of valleys.

XI.      Try to make earthenware pot in Avanos.

XII.    Climb up both of castles in Cappadocia.

XIII.   Walk at moon light, make camp in a valley.

XIV.   Try the traditional meals of local people.

XV.    Observe stone houses of sinasos which are many in Mustafa pasha town.

XVI.   Visit Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı underground cities while there aren’t many tourist groups.

XVII.  Walk at narrow streets of Uçhisar town and take photos of cats’.

XVIII. Pass over swinging bridge in Avanos. 


Avoid from these things

•          You have to take care of children while you climb up the castle.

•          Don’t keep bias about comfort of cave hotels.

•          Never think that there is a routine of nature and history in Cappadocia.

•          One day tour is not enough.

Catch these things

•          Enjoy in valleys.

•          Taste cheeses which are sold in earthenware pot.

•          Use a bicycle or a motorcycle and keep walking in valleys.

Panorama Viewpoints

•          One of hills between Göreme and Uçhisar

•          3 beauties view-point on the way out Ürgüp when you go to Nevsehir.

•          Start and finish points of Ihlara valley.

•          Ortahisar castle and Uçhisar castle, especially before sunset.


 What can you buy in Cappadocia?

•          Earthenware pots from Avanos

•          Hand-made cloth babies from Soğanlı

•          Miniature fairy chimneys

•          Silver products, rugs and ancient things in Ürgüp market.

•          Pumpkin seeds

•          Cheese which is sold in earthenware pot


You should prepare a list of necessary things

  1. A camera and an additional battery which you will need for 12 hours.
  2. Casual clothes and a pair of boots for watercourse in valleys.
  3. Sunglasses and a hat.
  4. Carry water and you had better not drink any other things.
  5. Backpack is the best choice for putting things.
  6. Lantern will be very useful in many places.
  7. Wear a light coat before sunrise and after sunset.
  8. Carry a pen in case you need to take notes about some places.


Everybody leaves hotel after breakfast and they come after dinner. You can carry things more easily and act more flexible in backpack. If you want to walk at moonlight you shouldn’t go out without a coat because Cappadocia’s air temperature differs a lot along a day. In other words, it is very hot at noon and it is very cold at night. Weather is cold at evening due to wind. You may also visit region in winter while Cappadocia is under snow.

  • Cappadocia is famous for movies and tv-series too. Production companies use the area for film-making. They stay in caves and old mansions. Some places may come familiar owing to movies or tv-series.


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