Zemi Valley

Zemi Valley distinguishes from others. Firstly it is pretty deep that is 5600m. You will start walking behind the gift shops. Along the valley, there are many different fruit trees like plum, mulberry, apricot, pear, nuts and so forth. And there are a lot of fountains in the valley too.

You will see sarnıç churches as well. There are signs for Elnazar church and Görkündere church which are a few hundred metres away from the valley. If you walk through Görkündere you will see another valley which has fairy chimneys and it will last an hour walking in the valley .

 Open Palace Ruins

This place is a culture and sport center. It has a 7 km length path for walking and it also contains Çat Valley. Çat Valley is famous for its fairy chimneys. This museum is on the way of Nevşehir and it is 3 km away from Gülşehir town. This place took place as a result of carving rocks.

This area is similar to Paşabağ or Devrent valley. There isn’t any fee for  visiting open palace ruins. You should keep tracks of arrows which show the location of mushroom shaped rock. It is a wonder of nature. There is a huge cave too .

Salkım Hill Panorama View Location

While approaching from Göreme to Uchisar town you will pass across the valleys and there will be a signboard for Salkım Hill at the road side. You can view valley of pigeons and castle of Uchisar at the top of the hill. You can reach from Uchisar to Göreme through valley. There aren’t any fairy chimneys at the area but caves and water ways are wonderful.

Valleys are also very nice in Cappadocia, climate of Cappadocia is hot along the daytime and cold at night though. By the way it rains the least in the summer.


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