This place isn’t known much and so less people visit there. In fact, there are so many caves and churches inside the valley. Therefore, historical importance of valley is high. Length of valley is approximately 5 km so you can walk through valley in a couple of hours. There are 28  carved rock churches , an underground city and a monastery valley is pretty similar to Ihlara Valley. Monastery life began firstly at this place. Underground city is at the entrance. There is a tunnel inside the underground city and water streams at the end of tunnel consequently people can’t go further. Underground city has 3 floors. There are rooms, tunnels, water holes, kitchens and oven like other underground cities.

 How can you reach Monastery Valley?

Monastery valley is a place at Guzelyurt town which is 40 km away from Aksaray. The distance of Monastery valley to Nevşehir is 45 km . If you depart from Derinkuyu you will pass Narlıgöl volcanical crater lake and Gaziemir underground khan .


Kaya Mosque

Mosque is located at the north of valley. Mosque is carved over rock, there isn’t any signboard so nobody knows the date of built. It is                            a result of carving a huge rock.

Visitable hours of Ihlara and  Monastery Valley

April – October visiting hours: 08:00 – 19:00

November – March visiting hours: 08:00 – 17:00

You can visit Ihlara valley and Monastery valley at noon.

Despite the fact that this place is far away from popular tourist attractions. visiting here will make your tour rich.

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