Kaymaklı underground city is approximately 20 km away from Nevşehir. This underground city had 8 floors and 5000 people could live but only 4 floors can be visited by tourists nowadays. By the way, the last level which is visitable is 20m below ground level. Meanwhile Museum card is valid.

There are also signs which show direction. In addition red arrows point down and blue ones direct up floors. In addition, there are tunnels among levels. Tunnels are not high enough for walking easily so you must bow when you pass through a tunnel. Noteworthy Kaymaklı underground city was found by a local man while he was digging for building a house for himself. Till 1960s, first level of underground city was used as a warehouse for foods  by villagers. There are also many rooms among levels.


First level :  This was used for animals at ancient ages.

Second level : There is a huge stone gate at the entrance of second level.

Third level : It is larger than previous ones. This level has many rooms which are used to store food and it has a kitchen, too.

Fourth level : That is used as food store for daily life also it has a kitchen and oven.

In addition large earth ware jars are used for storing foods. You will also see angle shaped holes at walls which are used to put oil for light.

Very noteworthy Kaymaklı underground city is at the list of UNESCO world culture heritage since 1984.

Visiting hours of Underground cities:

April – October: 08:00 – 19:00

November – March: 08:00 – 17:00

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