Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley is in Guzelyurt which is a town of Aksaray. And its length is 14 km. Melendiz river flow about the middle of valley. Indeed, here is a perfect wonder of nature. Depth of valley is 100 meters. Therefore, after hundreds of steps by iron-made ladder you will be at the bottom of valley. In addition you will step 382 stairs to reach ground of valley.

There are 35 churches and caves in the valley. Churches were carved inside the rocks. Especially, you should see the paintings represent events which described in the Bible because Camera is forbidden inside the churches.

The wooden bridge will seem after a few kilometres. You can also reach from 3rd km of valley  to 7th km in 90 minutes by walking. Both sides of river are suitable for walking. This valley is the greatest canyon where people lived.

If you want to act easily you should carry some water and wear trainers. Shadows of trees are fine so you will not be bored of hot weather. There are many signboards that describe ways. Valley walls are vertical. You may eat something on the shores of the river.

The point for a panoramic view is wonderful at the end of the valley and it’s 3 km away from Belisırma village. One final word, museum card is valid.

Selime monastery

This is the greatest monastery in the Cappadocia region. It has tunnels, rooms and it was made by carving rocks just like others. This monastery is at the end of Ihlara Valley. You should wear casual clothes to move easily. Climate of Cappadocia is very hot in summer but caves are cool just like this monastery. This monastery was carved inside a huge rock which contains a kitchen, a store, a church, a chapel and many rooms. Museum card is valid. Panorama of monastery is spectacular.




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