Güllüdere Valley

Güllüdere valley has many churches, monasteries and ruins. Length of Güllüdere valley is 4 km and you can pass through this valley only by walking. In addition, Güllüdere valley is divided into two paths. By the way there are rooms for monks inside the first valley and there are 2 churches in second valley. There are also apricot and almond trees in the valley and they bloom very beautifully in the spring. Cappadocia has always different  beauties in all seasons.

Saint Jean Church

This church is located in Güllüdere valley and it is near the entrance of Gülşehir. Distinctively, there are 2 floors. Warehouse, water channels, graves are on the first floor and second floor has a church which has frescos about events that told in the Bible. This church distinguishes from other ones by its frescos which tell about punishment of preachers if they act false.


Kızılçukur Valley

Kızılçukur Valley is 5 km away from Çavuşin village. Its length is 3 km and its location is between Göreme and Ortahisar. There are 12 churches in Kızılçukur valley. This valley has narrow and vertical canyons. You can pass through valley just only by walking or bicycle. It has rare found red tuff rocks and it seems more beautiful at sunset. This place is the best location for watching sunset in Cappadocia. Soil and rocks are red so people also call this area as red valley. Sun shines make appearance of area more red at sunset and it seems better. People prefer to watch this valley on a hill. Entrance fee is approximately 1$ .

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