Khans in Anatolia

Hittite, Roman, Seljukid and Ottoman Empires made a lot of work of art in Anatolia. Especially Anatolian Seljukids built Caravanserais near underground cities. There are a great number of khans in Anatolia used as hotels for people who travel to make trade. There is a khan every 40 km of road. A caravan could go 40 km daily in the past. These locations designed according to a plan that if a Caravan departs before sunrise then they can reach the next khan before sunset.

Caravanserais were also trade centers besides accommodation. Seljukids let people stay for 3 days freely consequently people didn’t pay any money for accommodation. As a result, trade developed in Anatolia successfully during Seljukids.

Ağzıkarahan Caravanserai

Ağzıkarahan Caravanserai is one of those khans and it is near Ihlara Valley. This one belongs to Seljukids too. Museum card is not valid. Entrance Fee is approximately $1. Ağzıkarahan caravanserai is on the road to Aksaray – Nevsehir. It is the 3rd biggest khan in Anatolia. This area is on the intersection point of Silk Road and King road.

Lake of Narlıgöl

Narlıgöl is 20 km away from Derinkuyu. This lake is one of the volcanically crater lakes of Cappadocia. Color of lake is different and it produces hot water. At the side of lake, you will see boiling water which comes under lake with bubbles. Lake surrounded by a road and it is suitable for walking. There is an ancient city near the lake.

There is a chapel in one of those fairy chimneys and it has also frescos.

Acıgöl Rock writings

Hittite epigraph written on rock in 7th century BC. Hittite rock epigraph is at Acıgöl which is a town of Aksaray.





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