Town Centre

Avanos is almost 18 km away from Nevşehir. In fact “Vanessa” is the ancient name of Avanos. Kızılırmak River flows in the middle of the town. People prefer drinking tea by the river. Green park, swinging bridge and stone made old bridges are nice. If you walk up and get to the hill, you will see a marvelous panorama of Cappadocia.

Uranos Sarıkaya Restaurant  distinguishes from other restaurants. This restaurant was carved beneath a rock hill. 2 galleries are used as a restaurant, each one is for 750 people. At the middle of the restaurant, musicians play musical instruments of Turkish culture. As a result, people have a nice meal while they listen to music.


Pot Workshops

This town is popular with workshops since Hittites. Thus, many different kitchen tools are sold in Avanos. Meanwhile pot is made from clay which Kızılırmak River brings. Clay is red dust. Kızılırmak means red river because it flows red just after a lot of rain. Avanos is also known as a trade center of handmade products. Earthenware pot is made from river clay. Soil of Avanos contain iron much more than other areas.

Some of big pot workshops are located outside the town but most of them are inside Avanos town whose facilities are in caves. GURAY Museum is the unique pot and ceramic museum in the world which is located underground. There are exhibitions about history of pots and ceramic. Visitors can watch the production of pot and they can try to make pottery if they want.

If you wish to see cultural and natural beauties of Avanos town it may take half a day.

We offer to visit Avanos town not to be in hurry.

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