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The land where you step your foot without any information is the place where an era is completed.

Let’s Take a Stroll in Gelibolu Peninsula

As you know, many awful battles done during World War I. The most noteworthy, the peninsula of Gelibolu was the greatest aim of Ottoman Empire’s enemies in order to reach to the capital of Ottoman Empire. However, they couldn’t be successful for three years. Thousands of ships and millions of soldiers made clashes during Çanakkale Battles. For instance, “Namazgah Tabyası” was an important destination for protection of Gallipoli peninsula against to enemies of Ottoman Empire.

The Castle of Kilitbahir

You will sight a fine structure which built in 1452. As a matter of fact, Conqueror Sultan Mehmet built the Kilitbahir castle in order to prevent the aid sent by other European countries in order to obstruct the Istanbul encirclement.

The Museum of Çanakkale Martyrs

First of all, you will see weapons, binoculars, photographs, food containers and tools used by our soldiers during the Gallipoli war. Furthermore, you will notice a huge monument that has been known as “Meçhul Asker Anıtı“. Meanwhile, the height of monument is approximately forty-two meters as well as the construction of Martyrs’ Monument completed in 1960. In addition, you will sight the monumental cemetery of Ottoman Empire’s soldiers. We offer to read homeland of soldiers, too. If you check carefully, you will also notice hundreds of towns and cities which were a piece of Ottoman Empire just a few years before the World War I.


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