The Island of Peace

First of all, İmroz was the ancient name of island as well as you can reach to the island of Gökçeada by a ferry which departs from Kabatepe port of Gelibolu town. Hence, you can get on the ferry of Gökçeada after taking a stroll in Gelibolu. In the meantime, you can also visit the ancient city of Troy and then you can go to Geyikli town for the ferries of Bozcaada which departs every 45 minutes. Both of islands has splendid locations for view sunset. However, Bozcaada attracts more visitors according to Gökçeada. In fact, Bozcaada has more options for a summer holiday although Gökçeada is a better choice for silence.

You can visit ten villages of Gökçeada, have a mud bath at Salt Lake, sight lakes among hills, visit historical places and swim in Aegean Sea. However, you should have a boat tour for view extraordinary places. You will see stores for souvenier. By the way, public transportation works very well. Meanwhile, the historical hammam of Gökçeada restored and serves as a museum, nowadays.  You should have a boat tour for a fine island memory. You should do scuba diving if you are interested in sea life. Surf education is also possible at bays. There are eight church and many mosques where public worship in peace. The most noteworthy, you should arrange a weekend for this cittaslow town where public lives by organic agriculture.

The Village of Tepeköy

You should drive about eight kilometers for visiting this village. Tepeköy village is on the highest hill of island. You will sight a great sycamore tree which is older than six centuries. In addition, Pınarbaşı has splendid spring waters. In addition, the Virgin Mary Festival is held every year in August. By the way, historical laundary should be seen while visiting the village Tepeköy.

The Waterfall of Marmaros

You will drive about eight kilometers more from Dereköy village where is the greatest village of Türkiye. As usual, spring is the best time for view a waterfall. By the way, water sources of island are enough for needs of public. You can drink water if you encounter to any fountain. You will visit the greatest island of Aegean Sea.

Salt Lake of Gökçeada

You will see a white dry lake if you visit the island on summer. In addition,  various birds such as pelicans, wild ducks, geese survive in the salt lake. Furthermore, you will see people who bath in mud as well as swim in Aegean Sea.

Yıldızkoy Underwater Park

This is the unique underwater park of Türkiye where you can observe sealife of Eagean Sea. Most of visitors prefer to do scuba diving as well as you can swim. In addition, you will see caves while swimming. The most noteworthy, you will also sight many dolphins and monk seals. You will admire here.

Sunset View Points

You will drive through south-west for view sunset at the best locations of Gökçeada. If you can be on the beach at full moon, you can see the moon at sunset.





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