Hellespont Battles

As you know, the worst years of World War I had lived on Gallipoli peninsula. Allies attempted to occupy Istanbul hence thousands of ships sent and millions of people died on Gallipoli peninsula. There are hundreds of shipwreck still beneath the Hellespont, nowadays. In conclusion, we offer to visit the Gallipoli peninsula with a professional guide who will tell many details and memories from those days.

Çanakkale City Centre

First of all, we assume that your plane landed on Atatürk Airport. You can rent a car for more comfortable trip or you can go to the bus terminal of Istanbul by tram. You can find many busses that goes to the city of Çanakkale. The bus reaches from Istanbul to Çanakkale in six hours. However, you can reach to Çanakkale in three hours by a car from Atatürk Airport.

You will drive till Gelibolu where you will feel historical ambience. We offer to take a stroll at Gallipoli peninsula in the first day. Therefore, you will notice that you should plan the vacation at your first sight to Gelibolu. As a result, you will get on a ferry and reach to the city center of Çanakkale. By the way, you will admire Hellespont while taking breath with a wind. Hellespont is wider than Bosphorus hence your journey will take about an hour. Meanwhile, you can get off the ferry after passing the Hellespont. You will see many restaurants, cafes and stores. Let’s take a stroll among public. The most noteworthy, you will encounter to the wooden horse which used at the movie of Troy.

Have You Ever Heard About Ilyada and Odysseia?

As you know, the movie of Troy is about the story of Helen. She was wife of a king and she left her husband with another man. In conclusion, the king reached to city of Troia and battle lasted about ten years. Ilyada and Odysseia were epic among public since BC 8th century as well as they were written by Homeros in BC 5th century. Ilyada tells about fifty-one days of battles’ ninth year. However, Odysseia tells about events before and after the battle. In conclusion, you can visit the ancient site of Troia and then you may also go to the island of Bozcaada by a ferry for a funny day.

The Island of Bozcaada

First of all, most of visitors go to the island for a weekend. Beaches are very well. You should arrange just a day if you want to sight historical structures of Bozcaada. For instance, you will see a huge castle. You can take a stroll in the castle between 10:00 and 20:00 hours. Once upon a time, public were living in the castle due to you will see two mosques. In addition, there are two monasteries on the island. You should visit the monastery of Ayazma. You will see a historical fountain as well as you will enjoy on sunset time. By the way, we offer to visit the museum of Bozcaada. Meanwhile, you should be ready at eight o’clock in the morning if you would like to see the inside of Virgin Mary church. Furthermore, you will sight historical mosques, hammams, fountains, windmills, tombs, etc…

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