Let’s Take a Stroll in City Center

First of all, you should arrange a day for attraction points of Çanakkale. For instance, you will sight the wooden horse which used in movie Troy. However, you should go to Troia ancient site that is near to İzmir road. You can visit the ancient site of Alexandria Troas and then ruins of Assos, too. As you know, the army of Alexander the Great passed over Dardanelles in BC 4th century. By the way, Fatih mosque is the oldest one which built in 1462. In conclusion, Çanakkale is a splendid city that will not fit in just a weekend.

Aynalı Bazaar

You will sight a small market where souvenier products are sold. The market built in 1889 as well as it has two floors. In addition, you will notice the clock tower of Çanakkale which built in 1897. You will sight a splendid structure.

Naval Museum of Çanakkale

You will also take a stroll in the yard of Çimenlik castle while visiting the museum. Meanwhile, castles of Kilitbahir and Çimenlik constructed after the conquest of Istanbul in 1453. There is also a model of the Nusret Ship that leaves mines in the Dardanelles and various weapons. You should view the Dardanelles by periscope of submarine. By the way, the museum doesn’t serve on Monday and Thursday.

Archaeology Museum of Çanakkale

You can visit between 08:00 and 19:00 hours on summer. Meanwhile, you can see toys that made by mud which found in graves of children. There are galleries of ancient sites such as Troia, Assos,Parion,etc..

Castles of Bigalı and Nara

These structures built in first decades of 19th century at the most narrow locations of Dardanelles on both sides. You will sight ruins of castles.

Gelibolu Culture Museum

Have you ever heard about Mevlana? The tomb of Mevlana located in city center of Konya. You will sight a building which built in 17th century. Once upon a time, scholars of Mevlana was teaching importance of peace at here. As you know, the human being should be in peace with himself, friends and neighborhood.

The Castle of Çimpe

Ottoman seigniory became a state in 14th century and took the control of castle in 1356. This is the first territory that Ottoman Empire acquired control of on the European continent.

The Martyrdom of 57th Brigade

You will visit tombs of 628 soldiers who were under command of lieutenant colonel Hüseyin Avni.

The War Museum of Kabatepe

You will see the Promotion Center of Gallipoli Wars about battles on Gelibolu peninsula which serves since 2012. Meanwhile, the beach of Kabatepe is a splendid place for swimming. By the way, the ferry of Gökçeada departs from Kabatepe port.

The Museum of Bakkal Saim

A villager who has a market has been collecting memories of Gallipoli Wars. You can visit his museum which occured as a result his friends help. In addition, the museum of 1915 Settülbahir Battle established by historcian Ahmet Uslu. By the way, you should learn the story of Lady Melek’s farmhouse. The most noteworthy, you will notice Monument of Martyrs and you should listen epic of soldiers.


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