Places to Visit in Island

First of all, there are two huge islands near to Çanakkale city. Gökçeada is very large so it is impossible to take a stroll without a car. However, Bozcaada is a splendid island due to guests visits more frequently according to Gökçeada. In the meantime, you will pay about two dollars per person to go by ferry to Bozcaada. However,  you will pay about twenty dollars for double way if you prefer to get on with your car. The ferry usually reaches in an hour from Geyikli town to the island. The highest point of island has 192 meters height. You can reach to summit of Göztepe hill in less than an hour. You will admire the panorama of Bozcaada and Aegean Sea. Furthermore, grapes of island is very famous as well as you will feel the smell of thyme. The most noteworthy, you should swim in azure waters of Aegean Sea. By the way, don’t forget the effects of wind hence you should be ready for a cool evening. In conclusion, you will have a great vacation among the sounds of the swallow birds.

Aquarium Bay

First of all, you should drive your car for going to the beach. You will admire the underwater world while swimming among fish. You can easily see the ground of sea. Therefore, you should do scuba diving if you have enough equipments.

The Monastery of Ayazma

You will see great sycamore trees and a historical fountain which is also holy spring of Orthodox people. Meanwhile, the monastery built in 1734 and you can see the inside of monastery on twenty six of July, once in a year. The most noteworthy, the beach is near to here and it is splendid.

The Church of Virgin Mary

This is the unique place that Greek Orthodox citizens can worship in peace. You should be ready for ritual if you want to sight inside of the Virgin Mary church. By the way, the church built in 1869 at period of Ottoman Empire.

The Castle of Bozcaada

You will see a huge castle while the ferry approaches to coast of the island. Three side of the castle surrounded by sea as well as one side has a deep and wide ditch that surrounds the other part of castle. Once upon a time, drawbridge of Bozcaada castle was in service however you will pass over an new bridge nowadays. In addition, the castle was protecting the public of island against to sieges. You will also see two mosques in the yard of castle. Meanwhile, you can visit the museum in Bozcaada castle. In addition, new castle(Yeni Kale) constructed on hill in 1827 however you will see just ruins of it.

The Museum of Bozcaada’s History

You will drive about two kilometers from town center of island. The museum serve in a house since 2005. You can sight objects and documents about history of Bozcaada.

Before Sunset

There are some destinations for a better sunset view on the island. For instance, location of Bozcaada’s wind energy grandstands is a splendid place where you can also reach by public transportation. In addition, you will notice the Polente lighthouse where people view sunset.

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