SARIHAN Caravanserai

Sarıhan Caravanserai is on the road to Kayseri, it is approximately 4 km away from Avanos. This is the last caravanserai made by Seljukids. The caravanserai was built in 1249 and it covers 2000m2 field. Also it is on the historical way ‘Silk Road’. It was made of yellow stones.

These yellow colored stones have still been taken out from mine in the region. They are unique and only produced in Nevsehir. There are so many buildings made of this stone in Nevsehir. This stone is so light that anyone can carry, however it becomes very heavy after rain  so you should use vehicle to carry it. To sum up, it is a very beautiful stone peculiar to Nevsehir .


ÖZKONAK Underground City

The underground city is 14 km away from Avanos and discovered in 1972. Narrow and long holes designed between levels. Size of holes is 5 cm. As expected, these holes were used for communication and aeration among levels. Three floors of city are suitable for visit. Meanwhile museum card is valid just like other underground cities.


Dereyamanlı Church

Dereyamanlı church built in 2nd century and  it is one of the most important churches in the region. After restoration, Dereyamanlı church was opened by a ceremony together with delegates of Vatican. This church is also known as Virgin Mary Church. There are frescos of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Furthermore road is suitable for driving .

Tumulus and Roman Grave

There are a few tumulus at Cappadocia. One of them is Çeç tumulus and it is about 15 km west of Avanos. Height of tumulus is approximately 32 m and probably there is a grave of a king.

In 1971, someone found a sarcophagus grave but it was empty except skeleton. It is the unique sarcophagus grave in Cappadocia. Most noteworthy specialists had examined and it was the skeleton of a woman.




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