As you know children are more curious about zoo. You can see all of the animals if you arrange half of a day. There are approximately 900 animals of 100 different species. Zoo of Antalya serve in a nature park. Therefore you will also see natural water sources, waterfalls, amusement park. Hence you may spend a wonderful day with your children. In addition you can arrange a picnic after visiting the zoo.

There are about 100 animal houses. You will see kangaroo, wild sheep, camel, rabbits, hens, birds, horses, donkey, zebra, pony horse, wolf, lion, tiger, puma, species such as red deer, roe deer, gazelle, mountain goats. You can see various species of snakes and crocodiles at Reptile House. The most noteworthy shelter for birds of prey located on high rocks which is suitable for its nature. There are 12 prey birds of four species. For most animals, there are two different stables that keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

By the way you can visit the zoo of Antalya everyday. You can visit between 09:00 and 17:30 hours. In addition you will pay approximately 2$ for an automobile though it is not important the number of people in the car. You can also reach to the zoo by public transportation and you will pay about one dollar for each per person.  The zoo is located at Kepezaltı Picnic Area of Kepez town.

We offer to visit the zoo if you want to spend a nice day with your family.

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