Would you like to schedule your sightseeing in Antalya?

First of all, you should make a detailed plan for your holiday. We offer to change your hotel frequently for a better vacation. For instance, we assume that you began your holiday from Antalya city center. You may swim at Konyaaltı beach before noon. However you can make short trips to popular locations till sunset. You may take a stroll at old harbor and old town till midnight. We offer to spend at least two nights at city hotels of Antalya. By the way you should rent a car for 15 days if you want to spend your time more efficiently.

You should stay at least one night at one of hotels which are next to the Selinus beach at Gazipaşa town. In addition you can also explore caves, castles, ruins of ancient sites and beautiful beach of Gazipaşa town.

You must stay at least 3 nights at hotels of Alanya if you want to explore sightseeing points. We offer to swim before noon. You may make short trips to valleys, rivers, beaches, caravanserais after lunch. Furthermore you can take a stroll at town center of Alanya till midnight.

You shouldn’t miss Side if you like to swim at shallow places. By the way you will spend a week just for east towns of Antalya.

You can drive till Kaş town for the other week. We also offer scuba diving, rafting and to take a boat trip. You will admire both of east and west towns of Antalya.


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