Do you want to dive in waters of Antalya?

There are many points for scuba diving at Mediterranean altough Side is the most popular location. For instance, you can explore the cave of Bat at Adrasan. There are 25 scuba diving points between Kemer and Kaş. You can view caves many different kinds of fish, sea turtles and ruins of ancient sites while taking a stroll at underwater. If you are curious about taking photos of underwater world you will see sea animals easily at everwhere.

Mediterranean waters offer an excellent opportunity for underwater adventures. You will explore the clear waters of Antalya even if you are beginner or experienced diver. The water of Antalya is clear and hot. However Side is the ideal place for diving. The most noteworthy scuba diving has strict underwater activity laws. You will get information about the technical details of scuba diving in the Mediterranean waters before you do your first dive. You can discover fascinating caves and swim with exotic fish while you are learning how to take advantage of underwater diving gear.

As a result of a high-quality diving service ensures divers stay safe and have an unforgettable experience. You can proceed to experience the amazing and colorful underwater life after a few test dives and a skill test. You may live the natural beauty beneath the Mediterranean while diving in the middle of the coral and exotic fish rainbow. There will be plenty of opportunities for swimming or snorkeling.

We offer add scuba diving to your vacation plan.

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